String Freeze — End of another documentation development cycle

Today is the start of string freeze and the end of the documentation cycle for Ubuntu/Kubuntu 9.04, the Jaunty Jackalope.  This release cycle was sort of disappointing for me as I did not spend as much time as I wanted to on working on documentation.  At UDS Mountain View, there was a lot of things  I signed up that did not get worked on.  I was hoping to get to ufw-kde and also for the OEM Builder for both Kubuntu and Ubuntu but unfortunately did not get a chance to.

It’s amazing how much real life gets in the way of side projects.  There was a lot of stress and late nights this dev cycle spent on working on new projects and learning new things for my day job to help keep the lights on in the economy we are dealing with.  Plus having a son has stressed the amount of free time I’ve spent working on Kubuntu documentation.

In other news, I have recently sent a new revision of Chapter 7 of the Official Ubuntu book to my editor Deb at Prentince Hall, look forward to a new revision in book stores soon.  Also in Barnes and Noble there will be a special version that will include information on Netbooks and Ubuntu.



One thought on “String Freeze — End of another documentation development cycle

  1. By the way, your feed to planet ubuntu is broken. Title and date of your blog points to and there is no link (on the website or in its RSS feed) directly to your blog post – onle from the website, clicking on your avatar goes to

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