Have you prayed for the President Obama lately?

I am caught up in the bashing of the President way to often, even here on this site.  I have at times forgotten to pray for our President.  To pray that he makes wise decisions and that he seeks Godly council when he needs to make those decisions.  It was easy to pray for President Bush, a guy who wore his faith openly and publicly.  He was one of “our” guys, Christians could claim him, not only was he Republican but he admitted more openly then some presidents did to being a man of faith.  I remember there were bumper stickers and pray for the president clubs.  I don’t see this for the current president and have been convicted of late to pray for him.

Just because I don’t agree with the President, just because I don’t think he isn’t making the right decisions doesnt’ mean I shouldn’t pray for him and it shouldn’t mean that other Christians shouldn’t be praying for him either.  Don’t pray for bad things to happen for him, don’t pray for his defeat, or for him to fail.  We as a country can’t afford his presidency to be a failure.

So next time you as a Christian start to bash the President, say a prayer for him.  No that doesn’t mean you can’t be critical of him, but as the leader of the our Country, he needs our prayer just as much as the last guy did.


One thought on “Have you prayed for the President Obama lately?

  1. Great point. Christians forget that the primary aspect of their faith is Love. Modelling that has gotten me much farther than otherwise spewing invective. I’ve brought a couple co-workers and friends to Christ through example, but none due to argument.

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