Gwibber vs. choqoK

I have been trying to figure out what  I feel is the best microblogging tool for my use.  I am currently running Kubuntu 9.04 with the latest and greatest updates.  There seems to really be two clients people in the Ubuntu world use with the primary being Gwibber.  Hopefully I can do justice comparing the two products to each other.

I’ve always liked gwibber and how it works.  Gwibber allows you to connect to multiple accounts, examples being twitter and  The problem I have here is the update is sent to the same service, that is twitter and receive the same updates.  This can be both good and bad.  I have different types of people that follow my Twitter account then my accounts.  Most of the people who follow me on twitter do so for things I post about my day job, and the people that follow me on follow me because of the stuff Ubuntu and Open Source related.  (Actually I have no idea why people find me interesting at all, but that’s another story).  Sometimes the same people follow the same stream,  however most people on Twitter seem to be interested in things outside Ubuntu and Open Source software.  My work also uses Twitter and I update my work’s twitter account.  I haven’t been able to figure out how to seperate the tweets/dents/whatever you call between the work account and the non-work account.  I can do all of this in choqoK.

The best part of gwibber is the built in search for the different #hashtags for both Twitter and  Also clicking on a person’s name brings up that indviduals accounts.  For my day job I work on the Symantec product set and would love to have the same in choqoK.  In Gwibber I can follow the #hastag #symantec and see what others are saying, and have followed new people due to that.

There is a KDE4 version of choqoK and I love that.  Gwibber is written in GTK+.  Based 0n your preference use the one you want, but on my Dell Mini 9 which has only KDE4 goodness on it, choqoK fits the bill.

Of course there is the silly spelling of choqoK to make sure you understand it is a KDE app.

Thoughts?  Comments?


8 thoughts on “Gwibber vs. choqoK

  1. Right click on the text entry field in Gwibber. There, you can select which accounts it should send on.

    Note that when you use the “Reply” button, it will only send to whatever service that person is on.

    • In choqoK though I can selectively respond automatically, something i like. I have a listing of each account, twitter,, work twitter and then can type in which one i want

  2. The whole Gwibber/Gnome-keyring issue in Jaunty forced me to switch (yes, yes, I know there’s a keyringless version available, but I’m trying to stick to the official repositories here!), and I don’t think I’ll ever switch back. There are some things I miss that Gwibber had, but the dealbreaker for me is that when I have choqoK minimized to the taskbar, it marks everything as being read, and I start accumulating a new batch of unread messages. Gone are the days of scrolling down and wondering “did I read this already?”, or scrolling down and finding only messages I haven’t read before and wondering “what did I miss?”. With choqoK, I don’t have to miss a thing, and I can tell instantly if I previously read an item, without having to re-read it (background color changes between read and unread).

    All that’s left to do is get off my lazy butt and see if I can’t improve choqoK to add some of the missing features that I like.

  3. I ran across this post in a Google search, so don’t hate me for commenting on an older post. 😉

    I’m looking forward to Gwibber’s next update – that should be interesting. It’ll be nice to have Facebook updates again.

    The one problem I have with ChoqoK is that ALL new tweets are immediately marked as read as soon as they come in, so I never receive a notification for new messages. Have you noticed this issue? I’ve tried everything I can think of and I just can’t seem to correct it.

    • Hah! Yes! Thank you. I had forgotten about that issue, and on top of it I forgot to look to see if I even had the most recent version of the program.

      +1 Making a fool of myself. =D

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