Enough with the prosecutions and investigations

I’ve read several places that President Obama is open to the idea of investigating and potentially prosecuting members of the Bush’ cabinet that authorized the use of torture at Gitmo and other places. By doing so we are crippling our intelligence community and also crippling those who server for the President.
Imagine the precedent this sets. One President disagrees with the policies of the former President, so he launches an investigation of his/her staff. Pretty soon, no one is willing to advise the President on anything for fear of being investigated and vilified.


3 thoughts on “Enough with the prosecutions and investigations

  1. I’ve seen several workplaces take the same kind of tack… boss gets practice as an axe-wielder, staff gets afraid of talking to said boss, info gets lost, company goes under…

    This gets worse in the above case, especially since doing the “right thing” could get you tossed into jail with the same people you were prosecuting. I wouldn’t consider this on my list of motivational behavior practices.

  2. Good thing EVERY BODY has their own morals and consequences throughout life. If you don’t reap what you sow (or so you might think), down the grape vine, the effects will be passed on.

    Hence be very wise when making BIG moves people. Some jobs are simply not ment for you, if you find yourself in such a position.


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