KDE 4 and Activities

Thanks to a blog post on KDE’s Planet, I finally figured out what to do with the Zoom out portion of the Plasma Button.  So you can create a new activitiy and use it to run like a seperate Desktop.  Multiple desktops is one of the things I miss when I switch out of Windows as I like to keep my work stuff and my play/fun stuff seperate.

The question I have to find out, and so far can’t in anything I’ve read, is can I have a compelty different Task Bar in one activity versus the other?  Is it possible to not show Applications running in one Activity on the task bar and not on another task bar The goal would be have work’s applications in a seperate activtiy and play things (choqoK, Google Reader, Google Mail, etc)  not show up on the task bar.

I hope this makes sense.  Maybe it is something very simple that I am missing?


3 thoughts on “KDE 4 and Activities

  1. That’s not possible (yet?), as far as I know. The same applies if you add another panel. The panels are independent from the activities if you will.

    Probably because activities can be considered to be different “layouts” of the plasmoids while the “old” virtual desktops are for “regular” apps. Still, if you’re using 4.3 they can be combined so one virtual desktop is mapped to one activity. The same thing about the panels still apply though.

  2. Thanks for the feedback. WOnder if it is an idea on brainstorm. One of the thngs I did like on the old virtual desktops were there abilitity to only show apps from that virtual desktop.
    Maybe like you suggested some combination of activities plus virtual desktops.

    Guides/Docs/Specs I can read for more information?

  3. There’s a guide over at forums.kde.org, although without details on how to link activities to desktops which isn’t much of an issue since it’s dead-easy (in 4.3 that is, it can be accomplished in 4.2 as well, but that requires a manual edit of the plasma config-files).

    1. Zoom out.
    2. Check one box.
    3. Zoom back in.

    That’s it. Granted, it’s rather crashprone at the moment (on my setup at least) so I’m not sure if it would do exactly what you’d like, but I have a feeling it might once it has matured a bit. Well, the thing about having just fun/work/whatever in the taskmanager at least. I don’t think it will let you customize the taskbar beyond that though.

    I’m afraid I don’t know of any other docs or specs about it though. What I’ve said I’ve gathered from blogs and comments there (mostly from aseigo’s blog).

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