Using Skytap for Demoing Altiris

With the release of Altiris 7 and the upcoming release of Service Desk, plus moving into more and more Symantec products we have seen the need for more hardware for demos, videos, and other projects.  However hardware is expensive and something that money can’t be spent on during the current economy we are going through.

One of the engineers I work with investigated moving into “cloud computing”, how much it would cost us and who would be the best company to invest some money into.

The company that we decided to work with is called Skytap and I am loving working with it.  Each month with the contract we have, we have 1000 hours of computing time to use.  Also we have 10 Skytap Virtual Machines we can be running at a time.  A SVM is defined as 1 Gig of RAM and 1 processor.  For a CMS 7 demo of 1 NS 7 box then I consume 3 SVM’s.  3 Gigs of RAM and 2 procs.

My Altiris demos have never been so good or so quick to respond.  All I need is internet access and a web browser and I can provide a kick butt demo.

Let me know if you need more details or information, but I highly recommend Skytap.

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