Installing the DLP Integrated Component in Altiris


This article is part I of II on the DLP Integrated Component and how it works within the Symantec Management Console (Altiris). Part II will cover using the Integrated Component (IC) to manage your Endpoint Agents. We will discuss installation of the Symantec Management Console and then installation of the DLP Component


Summary    1

Introducing the DLP Endpoint Agent    1

Installing the DLP Integrated Component    1

Installing the Symantec Installation Manager    1

Installing the Symantec Management Console    2

Installing the DLP IC    4

Introducing the DLP Endpoint Agent

Installing the DLP Integrated Component

Installing the Symantec Installation Manager

The Symantec Management Console utilizes the Symantec Installation Manager (SIM) to install all parts of the Management Console. SIM can be downloaded from the Symantec Website ( Once this is downloaded launch the executable and you will be greeted with this screen:

Select Next and you will be presented with the directory to install SMC into. A quick word of warning, the directory you select here is the directory all of the Console will be installed to.

Once the installation is finished, the Symantec Installation Manager will start allowing you to install other portions of the console.

Installing the Symantec Management Console

When the Symantec Installation Manager is launched it will be default open up to Install New Solutions. While you can install both the DLP component and also the Management Console at the same time, I recommend installing just the Console and then the component.

From the Installation Manager scroll down until you find the Symantec Management Console

After selecting “Review selected products” and then Next, aceept the license agreement and continue. Fill out the required information. This information is required to verify export controls.

After the information is filled out, select Next for the systems requirement check

The Symantec Management Console requires, IIS, IE 7.0, at least 2.0 gigs of RAM, and Windows 2003 Server along with MS SQL 2005. As you can see in the screenshot I do not meet the requirements. If you do not, close the Installation Manager and resolve any problems.

If you meet the requirements select Next to begin installation of the Symantec Management Console. While it is not necessary to restart after the installation is complete, I have had the best luck rebooting before moving on to other installations.

Installing the DLP IC

Once the Symantec Management Console has been installed, install the DLP Integrated Component. To do so, launch the SIM from Start -> Altiris -> Symantec Installation Manager. Once launched the following screenshot will be displayed showing installed products.

Click on “Install new products” to install the integrated component.

From the filter drop down, select “Filter by all” and scroll down till you find the DLP Integrated Component, see the following screenshot.

Follow the same steps, without making any changes you did during the installation of the management console.

When the Integrated Component is finished, launch the Symantec Management Console to begin using it.


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