Sharing home directory between Kubuntu and RHEL5?

I’ve posted previously on setting up my laptop to dual boot between Kubuntu and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.3 but have run into one snag, I don’t know enough to fix.

As an aside, I ran into a lot of problems with the program I needed for work running in 64-bit version, so I am working reloading to 32-bit.

What I would like to do if possible, is to share my home directory between the two boxes.  Part of the reason is I use an XP VM and shared folders to work on files in Office 2007 and outside of the XP VM and connect via shared folders.

So my /home/jonathan/Documents folder is configured as a shared folder on VM and then I can write statements of work, and utilize other work related apps, and then if I was sharing my home, I could access the same files whether I am running RHEL or Kubuntu.

Is it just as simple as creating /home in a seperate paritition and using the same username on RHEL and Kubuntu?  Or is there some magical voodoo I need to do?

Hope this makes sense


2 thoughts on “Sharing home directory between Kubuntu and RHEL5?

  1. RHEL5 is still using KDE 3.5, as well as many other older packages, so you might have some problems if you share config directories between the two. If you use Feisty or older it should probably be fine, but my guess is that’s not something you want to do.

  2. On Kubuntu, edit /etc/adduser.conf to say:


    # FIRST_[GU]ID to LAST_[GU]ID inclusive is the range of UIDs of dynamically
    # allocated user accounts/groups.


    Then change /etc/passwd and /etc/group to put your UID and GID down to 500.

    Permissions go by UID & GID, not username and group name. RHEL starts at 500. Debuntu starts at 1000. This is incompatible and will prevent login.

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