Windows 7 and VMWare Workstation #FAIL

I have been dual-booting my laptop for work w/ Kubuntu and Red Hat 5.3 for quite awhile, but noticed I spent most of my work time in Kubuntu in a Windows XP VM connected to the various work related tools I need, Exchange, Outlook, CRM, and a couple of programs.  So I decided to make the plunge and reload my Kubuntu partition to Windows and selected Windows 7 64-bit to see what it was like.

I run a bunch of Virtual Machines through VMware Workstation (Domain Controller, Windows 2003 Server for demo’ing Altiris, a Windows 2003 Server for demo’ing Symantec DLP, and a Kubuntu VM for testing and documentation).  The problem I have is I am unable to use NAT to access the Internet, each VM can reach each other, etc.  So I tried using Bridged mode and the problem there is if my VMs are accessing the internet, my host machine (Windows 7) can’t access the internet.

I am thinking at this time about going back to Vista as I did not have these problems.


Running VMware Workstation 6.5.1 with Windows 7 64-bit Build 7100 fully patched and updated.


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