A Mea Culpa – Official Ubuntu Book 4th Edition

This post is a bit delayed do to real life, but needs to be done.  Recently I saw the first review of The Official Ubuntu Book by Prentice Hall and overreacted a bit based on one part of the review.  This post is a public apology for that over reaction.

I freaked out over my name not appearing on the cover of the book and overreacte to this.

Some of my friends have aksed me what happened in regards to this. 

The explanation is that based on the amount of content I contributed to the book, only a small rewrite of a chapter instead of a large amount of original content.  In the previous versions of the book, I completely re-wrote the chapter versus just updating a chapter.


So there it is, the complete answer and an apology for overreacting.  Go get the book its great and I have had a great time working on this project and hope to continue doing so.



One thought on “A Mea Culpa – Official Ubuntu Book 4th Edition

  1. Interesting, I bought the software with aspirations to install it on a custom computer I’m building with time.

    Hope it works out for me! Thanks for the info, I’ll get to checking out this book ASAP.

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