Bush Quietly Saved a Million African Lives

What if a president, on his own initiative, under no demands from staff or from supporters or opponents, set out to spend an unprecedented amount of money on AIDS in Africa, literally billions of dollars, at a time when the nation could not afford it, citing his faith as a primary motivation and, ultimately, saved more than a million lives?

I came across this post, from a Blogs for Victory posting and am amazed again that very few people are reporting on this.  I understand that everyone hates President Bush, but there are amazing things he and his presidency accomplished.

In January of 2003 during the State of the Union speech the President asked for $15 billion for AIDS in Africa and was given the money.

Was this just another failed governmental program?  The blog reports that over a million people were saved due to the actions taken by the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief and yet this program has received very little praise or press.  And it should be getting a lot.

Will we ever give President Bush credit for this?  He cut the death toll by 10% in targeted African countries.  A stunning but very quiet government success.


One thought on “Bush Quietly Saved a Million African Lives

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