Windows 7 Install Report

I recently needed to reinstall my main desktop at home.  When my wife started working from home her work only supported Windows XP and the VPN software would only work for some reason on XP.

I’ve been have lots of problems in regards to this machine and as she is no longer working on this machine it provided me a chance to reload the machine to Windows 7.

The machine is a Dell Dimension E510 and has stock everything from Dell except for the wireless PCI card I put in.

This card was the only problem I had driver wise, the cd I had to install was not trusted, so I had to manually accept and install the driver.

Otherwise I’m loving it.

Enabling Ayatana notifications in Kubuntu 9.10

In Kubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala) there is the ability to use two different notification systems, the standard KDE notifications, or the notifications used by the Canonical created notification system Ayatana.

I have been wondering how to enable these notifications for awhilend recently stumbled on a way to enable them.

NOTE: This is in a development release and may change

If you right-click on the Systray and select “System Tray Settings” you will be able to make the change:


Once the System Tray Settings is open, under the section labeled “Pop Up Notices” select which system you would like to use and also the position of these notifications.


In my install of Kubuntu Netbook, I have moved the notifications  to the top right

Shame on Symantec – No Upgrade path for Recovery Server 7

This past week I have been upgrading a client from Client Management Suite (CMS) 6 and Recovery Solution (RS) 6 to CMS 7 and RS 7. 

According to the documentation found on the Altiris Knowledge Base, there is a method to upgrade from Recovery Solution 7.0 as part of an off-box upgrade.  This article can currently be found here.

After getting my migration plan approved which included the steps outlined in the document, we started the migration.  The CMS 6 to CMS 7 migration went great, migrated 1200 nodes w/o issue and everything was rocking.  Until we got to the RS upgrade.  There were several references in the articel I couldn’t find or figure out, so a quick call to Symantec Tech Support would hopefully resolve it.

The support person I was working with looked up the KB # and told me it was no longer valid and shouldn’t even being visible to clients.  I was then told there was another article to help me out.  But he couldn’t find that other article either.

The recommended upgrade path from the support person?  Uninstall completely and Install from scratch.

So we lost all the backups from version 6 and have to start creating our backups all over again.  Also means that until we have backups done, we can’t recover anything.

This week’s FAIL whale goes to Symantec