Enabling Ayatana notifications in Kubuntu 9.10

In Kubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala) there is the ability to use two different notification systems, the standard KDE notifications, or the notifications used by the Canonical created notification system Ayatana.

I have been wondering how to enable these notifications for awhilend recently stumbled on a way to enable them.

NOTE: This is in a development release and may change

If you right-click on the Systray and select “System Tray Settings” you will be able to make the change:


Once the System Tray Settings is open, under the section labeled “Pop Up Notices” select which system you would like to use and also the position of these notifications.


In my install of Kubuntu Netbook, I have moved the notifications  to the top right


2 thoughts on “Enabling Ayatana notifications in Kubuntu 9.10

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