Gotta love the trolls on Slashdot

There is an interesting story linked on slashdot, in regards to Samba 4 and how a Windows Server will be able to join, trust and replicate a Samba based domain controller.

See the whole article here and the summary on how the Samba team and Microsoft worked together.  This is great for Samba and FLOSS as a Windows 2008 R2 server can now be part of a Samba domain.

However the last line of the summary on slashdot is an example of the trolls and a big reason people shudder away from the religion of FLOSS:
OR it could be a trap”

Seriously folks?  You take good news and turn it to once again make Microsoft the evil software company.  Yes MS is doing this so they can make more money and sell more Windows machines, but guess what, helping out is better then suing them


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