An Review of Kubuntu Netbook Edition

I have a Dell Mini 9 and use it as my testing machine, and for testing I mean load various operating systems to see how they work on a Netbook.

When the Kubuntu devs announced a version built on the plasma-netbook part of KDE 4.  From the Wiki Page (KubuntuKarmicNetbook):

KDE4 is designed from the ground up to be scalable to many form factors. Many Kubuntu users are already using it in netbook computers. The intent is to make it easy for Kubuntu to just work.

And just working is how things go with Kubuntu Netbook…. One problem in an out of box install on the Dell Mini 9 is the Wireless driver which requires a proprietary driver.  Jockey takes care of installing the driver and after a restart I was able to connect.

One of the things I’ve noticed (and its partly my fault as being a member of the Ubuntu-Docs team) is a lack of documentation.  As it is past String Freeze< I will be using my blog to post documentation with the goal to move it into docbook format for Lucid.


More to come