What the Kubuntu Netbook Live CD looks like

In a blog post yesterday, I did a brief review of Kubuntu Netbook edition on my Dell Mini 9.

Today we take a look at the default desktop from the Live CD




One of the first we notice is the way the desktop is laid out.  By using plasma-netbook we are longer focused on using the Application Launcher to open programs, we utilize the Search and Locate folder along with Favorites. 

To install Kubuntu Netbook Edition, simply click on Install Kubuntu from the Favorites section and install as the rest of the Ubuntu versions.

More posts to follow describing navigation and using the Search and Locate desktop setting.


6 thoughts on “What the Kubuntu Netbook Live CD looks like

  1. Why is that if I click on the title of your post in “Planet Ubuntu” it redirects itself to “Planet Ubuntu” and not to your post ?


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