Happy 5th Birthday Ubuntu

I have seen several other posts in regards to Ubuntu 5th birthday and wanted to chime in and say Happy Birthday as well.

I have been using Linux for a long time, I think my first attempt was my sophomore year in college with some form of Red Hat.  Then I ordered some Slackware CDs which came with a stuffed penguin, which I have floating around someplace.

I used Slackware, Debian, and SUSE several times before settling into Ubuntu and the Ubuntu community.  Why did I choose Ubuntu?  Because of the openness in the community and the way a non-coder could contribute back to the distro.  The Ubuntu-Doc welcomed me with open arms as I posted bug reports in bugzilla and finally started hacking away at the docbook files themselves.  Finally when Kubuntu came out I took over as maintainer of the Kubuntu-Docs, which I know co-maintain w/ Richard Johnson.

I think the greatest part about the community that has developed in Ubuntu is the openness in welcome those non-coders into the family.


Happy birhtday Ubuntu :0


One thought on “Happy 5th Birthday Ubuntu

  1. I like the Ubuntu community too. Nowadays with Ubuntu One though, it feels less like a social movement and more like an unusually friendly group of fans, of yet another proprietary software company’s products. It’s kind of spoiled me on it, I guess.

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