More employees steal data then ever survey says

The recession is creating camaraderie amongst workforces, at the expense of their employers, is the finding of a transatlantic survey. Carried out amongst 600 office workers in Canary Wharf London and Wall Street New York, 41% of workers have already taken sensitive data with them to their new position, whilst a third would pass on company information if it proved useful in getting friends or family a job.

From an article on a security website, it states more and more employees are stealing data when they leave their current employer.  A couple of interesting stats from the article:

  • 85% of people admit they know it’s illegal to download corporate data.
  • 57% of people say it is easier to take sensitive data this year, up 29% from last year
  • Top of the list is customer and contact details

During this current recession people are doing whatever they can to have an edge, especially in a new job.  If I take my current customer list to me new job, then I will instantly have a leg up.

As an employer you need to protect your data, do you even know where your data is?  Using a tool like Symantec’s DLP you can find that information, track that information and prevent it from leaving your network. 

Welcome to Symantec DLP 10

Symantec has announced version 10 of its DLP product (formerly known as Vontu)  In a press release, Symantec touts DLP 10 as the

Symantec has announced Symantec Data Loss Prevention 10, the industry’s first open data loss prevention (DLP) platform, which aims to give customers more options to find and fix data loss problems. As organizations strive to center their security strategies around information, DLP becomes essential.

Symantec DLP has undergone various changes since they purchased Vontu all geared to making the product stronger and more useful for the security professional.

DLP 10 will “allow companies to apply encryption and enterprise rights management (ERM) based on content and will integrate with additional Symantec products.

One of the products DLP 10 will integrate with Symantec’s Workflow product to help build automatic response and workflows into the product.

DLP 10 will also support 25 languages and add full localization or Japanese, Simplified Chinese and also French.

DLP 10 will release to the public in December

Thank you former President and Former First Lady Bush

I’ve come across several blogs recently describing a visit from the former President and his wife to Fort Hood after the shootings that took place there.

At what point will the current President show up and spend time there?

It is funny on how people in the past argued that history would look back in kindest on President Bush and the author of this blog is now a fan:

We are now officially committed fans of George W. and Laura Bush.  We are fans of Dick Cheney.  Our gratitude for them makes us newly protective of them, and the continued role they play in this country.

At no time did President Bush or his wife make a grand speech with teleprompters and the press, or make a special trip to Dover complete with the press to watch bodies being back from war.  The president just went, as this blog reports

A couple of days ago I heard the news that George and Laura Bush paid a private visit to the wounded soldiers at Fort Hood. They specifically requested that the base commander not inform the media of their visit. They came. They comforted the wounded soldiers and the Fort Hood community for a couple of hours. And then they left. And they never had their pictures taken saluting the troops or holding their hands.

Dear President Obama, please respect our trips, please visit them outside of the press corps.  Please figure out what to do with the troops in Afghanistan.

Symantec/Altiris slipping in Redmond Magazine’s User Awards

I’ve been reading Redmond Magazine (formerly MCPMag) ever since I got my first MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional).  Each year, Redmond’s User Awards are voted on by the readers.

This year, Redmond created more categories and had more products to vote on.  However Symantec/Altiris fared worse then last.  Part of me wonders if this was because of how bad Altiris 7 was right out of the gate or because not many have moved to version 7 and version 6 is starting to show it’s age.

Some of the categories that Symantec/Altiris was listed in:

  • Best Software Distribution Product:
    • System Center Configuration Manager won
    • Deployment Solution came in second
  • Best Asset Management/Resource Inventory Product:
    • SCCM won
    • Altiris Service and Asset Management Suite came in 3rd
  • Best Licesnse Managemetn Suite:
    • SCCM won
    • Altiris TMS came in 3rd
  • Best Imaging Product
    • Symantec Ghost won
  • Best Software Packaging Product
    • SCCM won
    • Package Studio came in 3rd
  • Best Remote Troubleshooting Solution:
    • SCCM won
    • Altiris Client Management Suite came in 2nd
  • Best Patch Management Product:
    • Nothing Altiris listed which I found interesting
  • Best Applicaiton Conflict Testing Tool
    • Installshield AdminStudio won
    • Package Studio came in 3rd
  • Best Antispyware Tool:
    • Symantec Antivirus won
  • Best Anti-Spyware Tool
    • No Symantec products even though SEP has an Anti-Spyware portion

More information can be found on