Symantec/Altiris slipping in Redmond Magazine’s User Awards

I’ve been reading Redmond Magazine (formerly MCPMag) ever since I got my first MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional).  Each year, Redmond’s User Awards are voted on by the readers.

This year, Redmond created more categories and had more products to vote on.  However Symantec/Altiris fared worse then last.  Part of me wonders if this was because of how bad Altiris 7 was right out of the gate or because not many have moved to version 7 and version 6 is starting to show it’s age.

Some of the categories that Symantec/Altiris was listed in:

  • Best Software Distribution Product:
    • System Center Configuration Manager won
    • Deployment Solution came in second
  • Best Asset Management/Resource Inventory Product:
    • SCCM won
    • Altiris Service and Asset Management Suite came in 3rd
  • Best Licesnse Managemetn Suite:
    • SCCM won
    • Altiris TMS came in 3rd
  • Best Imaging Product
    • Symantec Ghost won
  • Best Software Packaging Product
    • SCCM won
    • Package Studio came in 3rd
  • Best Remote Troubleshooting Solution:
    • SCCM won
    • Altiris Client Management Suite came in 2nd
  • Best Patch Management Product:
    • Nothing Altiris listed which I found interesting
  • Best Applicaiton Conflict Testing Tool
    • Installshield AdminStudio won
    • Package Studio came in 3rd
  • Best Antispyware Tool:
    • Symantec Antivirus won
  • Best Anti-Spyware Tool
    • No Symantec products even though SEP has an Anti-Spyware portion

More information can be found on


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