More employees steal data then ever survey says

The recession is creating camaraderie amongst workforces, at the expense of their employers, is the finding of a transatlantic survey. Carried out amongst 600 office workers in Canary Wharf London and Wall Street New York, 41% of workers have already taken sensitive data with them to their new position, whilst a third would pass on company information if it proved useful in getting friends or family a job.

From an article on a security website, it states more and more employees are stealing data when they leave their current employer.  A couple of interesting stats from the article:

  • 85% of people admit they know it’s illegal to download corporate data.
  • 57% of people say it is easier to take sensitive data this year, up 29% from last year
  • Top of the list is customer and contact details

During this current recession people are doing whatever they can to have an edge, especially in a new job.  If I take my current customer list to me new job, then I will instantly have a leg up.

As an employer you need to protect your data, do you even know where your data is?  Using a tool like Symantec’s DLP you can find that information, track that information and prevent it from leaving your network. 


2 thoughts on “More employees steal data then ever survey says

  1. Even the best data protection system is going to have problems with the analog hole. What stops an employee for taking a series of screen shots, dumping them to pngs and OCRing them at home?

    • You are correct they won’t stop the analog hole, but they will stop the digital hole and that’s a great start. A DLP solution will stop most of the accidential people, but you can never bulletproof something

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