I would fly this airline

In the Information Week issue dated Nov. 30, 2009 there is an article titled: “A Web Presence Needs Sizzle, For Shizzle,” (btw I hate when everything is capitalized when it isn’t needed) makes the case for some airline about sharing it’s data:

“If someone’s a frequent flier, the airline should, in theory, know that person’s routes, favorite flight times, frequency of upgrade requests (and success), how early he checks in online or in person… Being an Executive Platinum could put them in a club where they could connect with other frequent fliers, perhaps ones who fly similar routes or conduct similar types of business….”

I travel a lot for work and if there was an airline that did all this, sign me up.  Customer service (or lack thereof) is why I switched from United to Continental even though I was giving up status.  If I could better track my data (like TripIt) already does, could get special offers on routes I fly, instead of junk advertising on specials on routes I would never fly (San Fran to San Jose, when I live in Michigan) this would mean something to me. 

Also exposing this type of data, it may make the airlines better as more and more information is available for the public to slice and dice. 


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