Best VM software for my needs

In a recent post, I talked about how I am looking for a hypervisor or something to run my VM’s on with local console access.

Based on the comments I am looking on perhaps reloading my laptop to Ubuntu or some other lower resource consuming host.  However I have a large requirement for Virtual Machines.

Here is what I am looking for and would love some help/direction:

  1. Lightweight:  VMWare Workstation seems pretty heavy resource wise
  2. Ability to have more then one snapshot:  Most of my VM’s have several snapshots based on what I am demoing
  3. Graphical/Console Access

The VM’s that I need to run are:

  1. Windows 7:  I know VMWare Workstation 7 allows for full Aero, is there another VMWare System that does this?
  2. Windows XP – Might not be needed
  3. Red Hat Server
  4. At least 3 Windows Server VMs

2 thoughts on “Best VM software for my needs

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  2. Have you tried VirtualBox? The current version even allows accelerated graphics in Windows guests. It has local graphical console access, it also has RDP access to a guests framebuffer. In my experience it’s also a bit more lightweight than VMWare.

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