But I am not a coder, how can I contribute to Open Source? — Help w/ docs

When I first started down my journey of Open Source, I realized it was key to give back to the community. After all, someone spent a lot of their valuable time working on this project, shouldn’t I try to give something back? Think about it for a bit… If you are using Open Source software, you are benefiting from a labor of love, a large group of people spend their free time working on the software you are using and a large number of them don’t get paid for it.
However there are plenty of people who are like me, they couldn’t code if dinner counted on it, so if you are someone like me, how can you contribute?

Let me suggest one area: Documentation

That’s right the software you are using may or may not have documentation, or that documentation may not be updated. Help out… Figure out how to file bugs or even make the changes yourself.

So in 2010 give back something to the software you use every day


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