A response to: There’s No Hope With Dope

As  I couldn’t find a place to put a comment on your recent post to Planet Debian, I am writing this blog as a response.  I find your post offensive in several ways and hope it was all tongue in cheek:

1.  The use of the term negro is unacceptable even when quoting what Senator Reid said.  This word is charged with racial undertones and shouldn’t be used by anyone.  Especially a US Senator

2.  There is no need to have a post such as this appearing on Planet Debian.  Do you speak for all of Debian?  Obviously the answer is no.  Remember not everyone shares your political views and more importantly most people don’t want to read about it.  Filter your political views away from Planet Debian.

3.  If you believe the reason that Scott Brown won in MASS. is due to racism you couldn’t be further from the truth.  Mr. Brown ran an anti-Health Care, anti-Obama, anti-current administration campaign and defeated a Democrat running on a pro-Obama, pro-health care platform in a state that has voted Democratic since 1972.

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