Switching gears at work – Focusing on one thing

Last year, the company I work for was asked to be one of the partners that Symantec has that can sell and consult on professional services for Vontu.  So my boss sent me to training and told me that I would be taking the lead on that product for the company.  So I became team lead of no one and added yet another hat to my already busy schedule and life.  Don’t take me wrong, I love my company, but I had a lot of hats I was wearing at ITS.  I was Director of Training, DLP Lead, and Practice Principle for Michigan and Ohio.

Let me take a break here and describe what a Practice Principle is.  ITS is run a bit like a law firm.  There are partners and also a managing partner.  (There is the managing Partner, my boss Wade, and several other partners who are mostly silent.)  A practice principle is someone who is in charge of a practice and working their way to partnership.  A practice principle is also tied directly to at least one sales person, in my role I was tied to the sales person for Michigan and Ohio.   A practice principle can be compared to a sales engineer at other companies, however you have more of a guiding role in how the practice develops, decisions made in the practice.

By the end of 2009 I was not happy at work or at home if you ask my wife.  Trying to grow DLP/Compliance/Security, trying to grow/maintain the training program and develop further Michigan/Ohio.  This leads us to 2010…

In 2010 we decided to drop all of my responsibilities except that of team lead of DLP, rebranding it as Practice Principle.  The goal will be to take of advantage of being a part of the “Great 8” for Symantec DLP and to make this a part of of my practice growing it to the point that I will be able to make partner. 

So you will see me making less posts about Altiris and more and posts about Symantec DLP.  Looking to be the best practice principle/sales engineer/consultant I can be


2 thoughts on “Switching gears at work – Focusing on one thing

  1. Reed,

    Thanks for the compliment. DLP is an awesome product and it works. IT is by far the best Data Loss Prevention product out there.

    I have been blessed to work for a great company.

    I hope things are working well for you

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