A review of The Teammates: A Portrait of a Friendship

If you look at my library you will see two types of non-fiction books: history and baseball history.  I stumbled across this book in the sports section of Barnes and Noble one day and really enjoyed it.  I have read several of David Halberstam’s books and thought I would give The Teammates: A Portrait of Friendship a try and was pleasantly surprised.

Teammates tells the story of Johnny Pesky and Dom DiMaggio who jumped in a car and drove 1,300 miles to see their friend, the great Ted Williams.  Williams was dying at his home in Florida when the two decided to visit and spend one last time with their friend.  One other close member of the group, Bobby Doer was unable to make the journey due to illness.

The thing that amazes me is how close the group all stayed together over the years.  I have always wanted to find friends like this group had but have so far been unable to.

A very enjoyable read and I highly recommend it if you are into sports history and/or baseball


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