Teammates: A review

It’s been awhile since I’ve last written a book review here on this blog, but slowly getting back into it. This doesn’t mean i’ve stopped reading, just means I have quite the backlog of books to get a review written on.

I recently finished The Teammates: A Portrait of a Friendshipby David Halberstam (David Halberstam’s author page on Amazon). The book centers around a group of teammates, Dominic DiMaggio, Johnny Pesky, Ted Williams, and Bobby Doerr and their life story. In 2001, Ted Williams is dying and his friends (Dom DiMaggio, and Johnny Pesky) drive to visit him one last time. Doerr’s wife is sick and he is unable to travel with the group.

The book covers two trips, the trip to visit Wiliams in Florida and also the trip the teammates took together in life.

This is a very enjoyable book and provides a very intimate look into the 4 men. While I knew who DiMaggio and Williams were, I knew very little about Doerr and Pesky and this book fixed this. The more important part of this book is the story of the friendship that developed between the teammates. The story makes me long for deep friendships like this that last for a lifetime and for friends that care deeply to call/talk each day with and visit when you are sick.


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