Getting caught up on links

Have a lot of links in my browser tonight but haven’t had a chance to digest and really understand all of them.

So this post is a dump of a bunch of them, to come back later with more thoughts on

1.  25 Scenes from Symantec Vision:  Missed Vision this year but didn’t hear much about it.  Find it interesting how they comment on things us old Altiris people take for granted, such as Steve Morton’s Keynote style, Usergroup challenge, etc.

2.  DLP: Million Problems – One Solution:  Haven’t read this one yet, but looking forward to it

3.  DLP – Protecting What Matters Most:  Seems to be an overview of DLP, will have to read this one through

4. States’ Rights Come to Security Forefront

5.  DLP Primer

6.  Data Loss Prevention comes of Age


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