Catching up on DLP Links

There’s been a lot of discussion on the web these days in regards to DLP and also some of the moves Symantec made in regards to its purchase of PGP Corporation and also GuardianEdge:  Press Release here

Here are some more links that I’ve come across recently:

  1. Cisco Security Services and also Cisco’s Risk Assessment Service:  Didn’t even know that Cisco offered a DLP Solution, but it is based around the IronPort product.  I don’t know anything in regards IronPort but will plan to learn more as we have one customer who is looking at it instead of Symantec DLP
  2. Whitepaper released: Quick Wins with Data Loss Prevention:  This links to a whitepaper sponsored by McAfee and you can download the white paper from that link as well.  It is an interesting white paper and have added it to my collection
  3. How to shape an effective DLP policy:  An Information Week article that talks about how an organziation should write DLP policies.  More on this later.
  4. Breakout session from Symantec Vision:

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