Packages I install after a fresh load of Kubuntu 10.04

There have been a lot of posts floating around the web on packages to install after a fresh install of Ubuntu 10.04, however I have not seen one about Kubuntu. This post will explain what packages I add :

1. Blogilio: For offline blog writing and how this post was created.

2. plasma-wallpapers-addons: Adds a bunch of cool things that you can do with the Desktop besides displaying an image, referred to as Types under Desktop Activity Settings. The Type i like to set is Weather, which changes the background based on your weather location. Pretty cool

3. Choqok: Microblogging client, allows you to connect to Twitter and Great product and love it.

4. chromium-browser: Chromium web browser, a very fast and very powerful web browser created by Google. This is the open source version


4 thoughts on “Packages I install after a fresh load of Kubuntu 10.04

  1. In google reader though Ubuntu planet your post appeared as a 3 line paragraph snippet and after coming to your blog all images are disstored / squeeshed when using Epiphany/Webkit. I don’t think your blog post achieved as much exposure as the other ubuntu post-installion app posts =)

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  3. Great list of apps, I choose Chrome over Firefox, think it is a better app and runs faster for me…

    kdenlive I don’t use, never have and don’t think I will.

    Overall great suggestions as well

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