Quick thoughts on Ubuntu Netbook w/ LUnity

In short it rocks, great job guys

Longer thoughts: I have been a KDE user since I started on my FLOSS journey, I think it was an old version of Slackware… And when Kubuntu first released I jumped on board and have been involved in helping out where ever I can. I bought a Dell Mini 9 shortly after it released and have been running Kubuntu on it since. One of the things I was very excited about was the plasma-netbook edition, but have always been left a little wanting. It is hard to explain what the missing piece is, but it has always been.

After the announcement of Unity and how it works with Ubuntu Netbook Edition, I decided to give it a try and was blown away. The system responds better, is brighter, more colorful, etc… Hard to describe what it was, but it is no longer missing. Great job DX team at Canonical.

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