Upcoming DLP Webcast: DLP 10.5 & Data Insight

One of the things my company does is webcasts hosted twice a month.These are free and provide information about upcoming Symantec products or can provide training on how to use one of the Symantec products.

In June, I am presenting a webcast on DLP 10.5 and the new feature Data Insight.

ITS will answers questions like:
– “Whose Data Is It Anyway?”
-  "Who owns the data?"
– " How is the data used?"
– "How do I protect the data?"
Data Insight and Data Loss Prevention
Data Insight will first be available as part of Symantec Data Loss Prevention and will be the only data loss prevention solution to deliver an integrated data owner and remediation capability. Unstructured data on shared file systems is a large source of critical business information, and over-exposed content presents a significant risk for data breaches. Data Insight with Symantec Data Loss Prevention helps organizations identify their most critical information and enables simplified data clean-up and remediation through automated data owner identification. Data Insight also provides continuous monitoring and auditing of data usage to help ensure adherence with corporate policies and regulatory compliance. In addition, the technology monitors who has accessed or modified individual files, and can notify information security teams and data owners that data has been exposed. Armed with visibility into who is accessing and using the information, organizations can make rule-based ownership inferences and alter access to stored data in order to prevent data breaches.


Data Insight provides information on unstructured data, data that sits in a file share and provides information on how that data is used, who is using, etc.

Join us for the webcast and learn about this great product

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