Review of Kubuntu Netbook – Maverick Alpha 2

I downloaded the .iso of Kubuntu Netbook Alpha 2 and installed it in Sun’s, I mean Oracle’s VirtualBox.  The virtual machine is running with 2 GB of RAM with 2 processors.  Included are some screenshots taken from the VM and some comments along with it.

I have a Dell Mini 9 and been switching between Ubuntu Netbook, Ubuntu Unity also Kubuntu Netbook Edition or Remix, whatever the official name is these days for the 10.04 release.  In Alpha 2 of Maverick the current version of KDE SC is 4.5 RC1 (4.4.90) and most of the changes come from updating KDE to the current version.

Kubuntu Netbook comes preloaded with two activities. (In KDE SC 4.X the plasma “desktop” is actually multiple activities and can be configured to run things other then the desktop.) 

The first activity is “Search and Launch” and looks like the following:


In this activity we have the ability to search your computer for either applications or files.  This is a part of KDE’s push into the Semantic Desktop.  An example of using search is shown below:


In the example I am searching for web and all of the applications and documents that contain the word “web” show up.  What shows up through the search portion is configured through System Settings –> Desktop Search.

Not only can you search but you can mark items as a favorite, which will cause the shortcut for the application to show up at the top of page (the lighter blue portion of the activity).  One question I have in regards to the pre-populated favorites is why stay with Konqueror?  In Maverick we have rekonq (a WebKit based KDE browser) installed by default (new to Kubuntu Maverick) but it is not marked as a favorite but Konqueror is.

The second activity is “Page one” and is configured with different plasmoids.  This activity looks different then in Lucid and looks like the following:

page 1

I have two questions in regards to this section.  What exactly is the “KnowledgeBase?  It appears to be a reference to the forums, can it be configured to show the Kubuntu Forums instead?  The second is can we configure the “News “ section to pull from’s news section instead of’s news section?

A cool change is how nice networkmanager now looks:


A nice improvement over Lucid’s networkmanager.


Looking forward to Maverick and more changes coming down.


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