Ubuntu and Mobile?

I was talking with a good friend of mine in regards to Ubuntu Unity and the problems we both have. (I posted earlier about my thoughts on Alpha2 earlier.) We have both come to the conclusion the focus of Unity is really for mobile devices and not netbooks. With the recent announcement that Ubuntu One is now available on iPhones (not Windows for some silly reason) it only strengthens these thoughts. This must be were Mark views the ability to make money.

Ubuntu has focused on making Ubuntu the goto Linux for the cloud, is the next market mobile? The focus is definitely not on winning the enterprise, but thats a post for later.

Think about, Unity is built and optimized for touch devices, mobile devices. With the icons on the left launching different applications, including your phone and the app store, I mean the Ubuntu Software Center, providing you with almost unlimited applications you would quickly rival and maybe better Apple, and definitely Android. But why would I want to load Ubuntu on my mobile device instead of Android? And as an OEM why would I want to develop a device around Ubuntu instead of Android which is focused and built around mobile?

Am I off here on wondering why the focus appears to be on mobile?


4 thoughts on “Ubuntu and Mobile?

  1. I can’t imagine Canonical want to join the already highly saturated smart phone market and compete with Android, iOS, Symbian, Windows Mobile and Meego, just to name a few when they’re already stretched thinly across desktop, server and cloud.

  2. Didn’t Mark state that he had no interest in mobile, for the reasons that Benjamin stated? However, there was a story on Slashdot shortly after UDS about an Ubuntu for tablets; I don’t know what happened with that.

    The software center is not proof of mobile intent. It would be just as useful on a netbook as on a phone. Icon launchers on the left isn’t what you’d want on a tiny phone screen; you’d want them in the background, similar to the old netbook edition. I might mention also that Windows is supposedly “optimized for touch devices”, but it doesn’t run on phones. (There’s Windows Mobile of course, but that’s almost an entirely different operating system)

  3. @Benjamin:

    I don’t hthink it the smart phone market, I think mobile is being redifened. I think mobile can now include anything tablet plus smart phone.
    The netbook market is dead, while Linux had a jump on it has quickly been taken over by Windows 7. And people just don’t care about a netbook. No longer in my travels do people question what I’m using they question why I’m not using an iPad or something similar

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