Adding more space to the Users.DBF file

Problem: Errors in the console about clicking on invalid links, link timing out or corrupted incidents, also in the log files references to errors updating the User tablespace


Solution: Oracle has a hard limit of file sizes to 33GB and once that limit is hit and there are no other files available the system will stop writing to the database. In order to solve this problem we needed to create additional DBF files for the user field. By default the installation creates only one USERS01.DBF file.

To create additional files follow these steps:

  1. Open up a command prompt
  2. Launch SQLPLUS by typing the following command sqlplus /nolog and hit enter
  3. From the SQL> prompt type connect sys as sysdba and hit enter
  4. Provide the password for sys:
  5. From the SQL> prompt type: alter tablespace “USERS” ADD DATAFILE ‘d:\oracle\product\10.2.0\oracdata\protect\users02.dbf’ size 138240k reuse autoextend on next 10240k maxsize 32767M
    1. Provide the full path to the location of the database
    2. Change USERS02.dbf to a different name
  6. Repeat as needed
  7. Restart Oracle and Vontu Services

Data will begin to flow into the DLP system after the restart

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