Asset Management Ownership Validation Workflow

In Asset 7 there are three pre-built workflows that ship from Symantec:

  • Hardware Request
  • Software Request
  • Ownership Validation

I’ve previously talked about setting up the workflows on the server, this post is going to cover the Ownership Validation workflow.

The workflow is exposed via a right-click menu in the Management Console.  To run the validation workflow against a computer, right click on a computer in the management console and select Ownership Validation as shown in the following screenshot:

After clicking on the workflow the process is launched as per the following screenshot:

In this case, I am listed as the owner on the device. An email will be sent to the address listed, this information is coming from the Users listed in the management console, which is synced from Active Directory.

If I switch over to my email, I will an email asking me to get started with the Ownership Validation:

The text for this email can be customized through the workflow designer to better meet the needs of your organization.

After clicking on the link (View Ownership Validation) a webform is opened.

In the above screenshot all of the machines that I am listed as being an owner in the Symantec Asset Management system are displayed. I have two options, either Have or Not Owned. Once I have selected a status, the computer will show up in the correct location.

NOTE: No changes will be actually be made in the management platform through this workflow. If you would like that to happen the workflow would have to be modified in the workflow designer.


After selecting the correct status, click on the Next button and proceed to the next portion of the webform.

In this case there are two machines that I am not the owner of. I will need to provide a reason why the machines are no longer owned by me. These reasons are setup in the installation of the workflows (see the earlier article on installing the workflows). The default options are Lost and Retired.

By changing the status, I will generate an email to asset administrator (as setup in the installation of the software).

The above screenshot is the notification to change the status of the devices and is the end of the ownership validation. As mentioned, this workflow does not change the status in the console, it just notifies the asset administrator of the changes that need to be done.

Drop me a note if you have further questions


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