A disappointing cycle for kubuntu-docs and a call for help

I’ve been working on the documentation for Kubuntu for a long time, in fact looking at the Kubuntu Release History entry on Wikipedia made me realize just how long it has been.  When the first release of Kubuntu came out, 2005-04-08 (Hoary Hedgehog) there was a package of Kubuntu documentation maintained by Sean Wheller if I recall correctly.  At that time I had just installed Ubuntu and was looking for a way to get involved.  Sean encouraged me to start submitting patches to typos, etc.  Shortly after, I got my SVN account and password setup to start contributing directly.  That’s right we were using SVN hosted on doc.ubuntu.com and i think I even had an account setup there to store my branches locally.

Flash forward almost 12 releases and 6 years (can’t believe that) and I’m still plugging away at Kubuntu documentation.  My involvement has increased from just hanging out with the documentation team to helping out with bug triage, help with the Kubuntu Development group and also helping out with the Ubuntu Server team.

All this comes down to the main point of this post:  We need more help on the Kubuntu Documentation side of things.  For a long time we have been 2 or 3 people contributing to the documentation and we need help.

The Maverick cycle (10.10) has been somewhat of a disappointment for me personally.  Due to work and family life I’ve been pulled in about 100 different directions and been finding very little time for hacking away at documentation.  A lot has changed in the system that needed to be documented (from the change in only one version, no longer separate ISO for netbook, major upgrades/updates etc) and it seems we may have gotten mostly bug fixes from problems in 10.04.

So how can I help out with kubuntu-docs you are asking?  Great let me explain some easy ways:

  1. Read the current system documentation
  2. Report bugs on launchpad on things that are wrong or incorrect
  3. Create a patch to fix the problem and either attach it to the bug in LP or send it my way via email
  4. Join the discussion at #ubuntu-doc or on the ubuntu-doc mailing list
  5. Volunteer to package the documentation (more advanced and we need a packager)

It’s actually pretty easy to join.  When I started so long ago I didn’t know how to use svn, or docbook xml or anything and have taught myself along the way.

Thanks and looking forward to seeing your contributions


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