Help support a local business that supports Ubuntu

As the year end approaches my wife and I clean out our closets and pile up all the clothes we no longer where or no longer fits us and donate it to charity (something we should do more frequently but don’t for some reason.)  This year we brought our clothes to Worldwide Christian Thrift Store.  The reason for picking them was simple, they are local, less then .5 mile away from us.

One of the interesting things is right in front they have a selection of refurbished computers for sale provided by CompRENW who recycles computers.  The interesting part is each computer is sold with Ubuntu as the operating system of choice.

A note is prominently displayed talking about Ubuntu and what it means:


The note explains what Ubuntu is and how it is different from Windows.  The version they are putting on the machines is Ubuntu 10.10.

If you are in the Grand Rapids MI area feel free to stop buy and purchase a computer running Ubuntu.


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