Book Review: The Imperial Cruise


I have a habit of finishing a book on a plane and not having anything to read except for whatever I pick up in the local Hudson News or whatever the airport bookstore is called and the last flight I picked up “The Imperial Cruise: A Secret History of Empire and War” by James Bradley.  I had previously read “Flags of Our Fathers” and enjoyed it, but was extremely disappointed by this book.

I should have read some of the reviews on the Amazon page, but didn’t for some reason this time. 

The book tells the story of President Theodore Roosevelt sending a cruise to Japan and how it laid the seeds for World War II and Japan’s Imperial Ambition. Sounds pretty interesting right?  All a subject I knew nothing about and hoped to learn something interesting.

Problem with the book is that it becomes a complete revision of all American history blaming Aryan philosophy and White Supremacy as the reason behind the founding of our country, expansion out West, and everything else involved in world history.

Look I understand our founding fathers were not the heroes and as squeaky clean as our history books or history books have made them.  However I doubt all of their motivations were based on white supremacy and an Aryan philosophy.  It’s interesting this is the first time in all the history books on our founding fathers, American history, World War II, etc I’ve read (and I have a decent amount of books) this has never been mentioned.


Stay away from this book, it’s not worth finishing…. I didn’t


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