The Bible App I’m looking for

I’ve been looking long and hard for a Bible app to take notes offline with.  I have several devices that I am constantly switching between, my iPad (wireless only), Android, and several laptops. 

Knowing how much I like to take notes in the sermon or when I do my devotions my wife bought me for my birthday several years ago (more than 5 know)  a wide margin Bible to allow me to take notes, jot things down, etc.

I’ve been looking for the same thing electronically.  I’ve been a big fan of Youversion, but there is no way to take notes offline.  My church doesn’t provide wireless and there are also many other places I might not have web connection.  Youversion seems to provide the most version of the Bible include my primary version, the English Standard Version.  Youversion allows me to download a local copy of the Bible but no offline sync.  Great that it is on Android, Web and iOS.

I thought Olive Tree+ would be a pretty cool thing as it labels itself as “an amazing way to read & study" the Bible.”  It allows one to take notes and then sync w/ my phone/iPAD, etc and doesn’t require a constant internet connection.  Great idea, however the ESV from Olive Tree+ is about $40 which seems a bit crazy.  Olive++ is also not cross platform enough for me, need on Android

The other app I’ve tried is, which is a site and app I’ve never heard of.  An interesting point here is there is an “app” for it on the Chrome store.  However the additional versions cost money.  The app itself is very slow to load, but has the benefit of allowing offline note taking.

To sum things up, if Youversion had the ability to make notes offline I would love it and use it all the time.  As it stands I will continue making notes in my Bible.  But please oh please can you add offline note taking?


6 thoughts on “The Bible App I’m looking for

  1. The Nook app lets me put notes on anything it can read. So, if I were so inclined, I could just download one of the free versions of the Bible and put the notes in it. The notes are synced across your various Nook devices. The Nook app has Windows, OSX, Android, and iPhone/iPad versions.

  2. Hey there. Great overview of these Bible apps. I also use the app. I love to hear the Bible, as I’m an auditory learner. I know it’s in the Chrome store but where did it say it was going to charge? I think that is a mistake because I know this ministry is all about providing the Word of God for free. I’ll let their support team know about this, as they have helped me before. I hope it will always be for free. Be well and thanks for the advise on these apps.


  3. Maybe I’m a bit mispoken about The ESV (the Bible I use) is not available on the app (at least for Android). It is available on the web. I don’t understand the reasoning behind that but there must be something there.

    I will keep digging, maybe my search terms on the App Store aren’t good enough 😉

  4. I’m wondering when youversion will fix being so slow I have also used it for years but I’m Looking for another bible app? I have told so many people in my church as a pastor about you version But now it concerns me going forward if I should recommend it because it gets very frustrating sitting waiting for it to load. They have definitely been great in this season I guess their servers just can’t handle the millions of users. I would be willing to pay for the app to make the performance better. Maybe somebody with you version will make that recommendation for those who would like to have a good speed when loading the app

    • I’m finding more and more stuff is being added to the system that at times it is slow just like you are finding. I’m not quite sure if it is because they are trying monetize it or what? No new answers since 2013 which seems like a long time ago.

      The growth of the app has been amazing. It works well but it is starting to slow down

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