Google Flight Search = Full of #fail

I saw recently that Google Flight Search (which I assume came as a part of the of ITA acquisition) has launched so I was eager to give it a try.  I fly quite regularly (this year though I have driven more) and was excited to see what cool things Google would bring to flight search.

NOTE:  I don’t see any “beta” tag or “preview” tab in anything here so I’m assuming it is a full product

I live in Grand Rapids, MI and have to make a connection anywhere I go, makes getting status on hops/segments pretty easy and there are no flights available between Grand Rapids and anywhere


That’s right no flights available.  I played with the “Any number of stops” section, “Any Airline” portion, “Any Connection”, etc and still nothing.  Next try was a location that flies directly from Grand Rapids: Chicago, Detroit, Dallas/Ft. Worth, etc. and nothing.  No flights available at all.  Maybe I was looking at the wrong date?  Tried changing dates and no flights. 

However I live in a big city (hub?) there are plenty of options and the system looks great. 


I really enjoy how quickly it seems to respond and I like the different options.


However I will probably never use Google Flight for booking my travels.  Sorry you loose


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