Symantec Connect Posts Round Up #5

So its been a couple of weeks since my last round up and there are ton of links/posts from Symantec Connect that I thought were very interesting.  I hope you find these interesting, if you do, please drop me a note in the comments section so I know someone is reading them 🙂
So the first one is not a Connect Post but comes from the Symantec Knowledge Base…
  • Symantec Encryption Management Server and DLP Integration Guide:  I haven’t had a chance to walk through this in my test lab yet, but I’m waiting for some time off from engagements to implement this.  Once that’s done I’ll try to provide some feedback.  Symantec has laid out a pretty aggressive roadmap for integration between the 2 products and I’m hoping they can deliver on it.  Talk to your Symantec Rep for more information on what’s being talked about.
And back to the Connect Posts
  • What to consider for a DLP 11.6 and SEP 12.1 upgrade:  This person is looking for help on upgrading to the current versions of the SEP and DLP products.  The best recommendation is to read the user guides for both products before upgrading.  Also reach out to your Symantec Partner (you do have one don’t you?) as they would love to help out with the upgrade to the new products.
  • Extending DLP Agent for Google Drive monitoring:  The reason for linking to this post is there is frequent conversations around how to extend DLP monitoring for various cloud based storage systems (Dropbox,, etc) and preventing data from leaving from those vectors.
  • SEP and Vshield integration: I’m pretty excited about what SEP 12.1.2 brings to the virtualized infrastructure one might use.  This post has a bunch of links in it for setting up the VShield integration that VMware uses.  VShield integration reduces overhead in scanning in your Virtual Environment.
  • SEP support for Ubuntu: So this is a long and somewhat confusing thread to follow.  The original poster is asking what support there is for SEP on Ubuntu.  The confusion comes down to the naming of the product.  SAV (Symantec Antivirus) is the product supported for Linux devices.  As of this post SAV for Linux runs in an unmanaged state but can be installed on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.
  • Sending CSP information to Splunk: Good article on sending info ration to Splunk from Symantec Critical Systems.  The answer is that if you have access to the database you can get the information that you would like out and be able to send that information to Splunk.
  • Is PGP supported for Windows 8?:  A lot of posts around whether or not Symantec supports Windows 8.  On the PGP side this is not the case and at least on a touch device, the pre-boot authentication is not supported.  See for more information or subscription for when this supported is added.  On a side note are you seeing Windows 8 in the Enterprise?
  • Can DLP inspect an email header?:  Short answer Yes… Long answer read the linked articles in the answers.
  • Creating a rule for tracking registry key modification:  The poster is looking for help in writing a rule to help him track changing of registry keys.  If you know the answer to this question, it would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks for reading these (if you are?) and post me a message or a comment if you actually are.

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