My First KDE Contribution and looking for more

I have contributed in various ways to the Ubuntu Project starting way back in the day with the first release of Kubuntu and its need for documentation.  This first release was my first introduction into the world of becoming an open source contirbutor and for many releases of Kubuntu I wrote the documentation or worked on the documentation or lead the team that did documentation.  Anyways I always struggled to find a way to contribute back to the main KDE project.  I finally found a way with fixing some typos and some grammar problems.

Recently a contributor to the kwalletd project posted an entry on his blog around adding support to GPG for storing the password in.  There were some minor changes that needed to be made and I was able to download the code and apply the needed changes.

So if you look at the commit, there’s my name on the list for making some changes.

Anyways long story short I’ve made some changes to KDE specifically around grammar and spelling and am looking for more work to do.

Are there junior jobs floating around that need some minor grammar changes or did you just implement some awesome new feature but English might not be your primary language?  I would love to help.  Drop me a note.


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