Installing the Symantec Critical Systems Protection agent on a CentOS system


This document will cover installation of the Symantec Critcial Systems Protection Agent on  CentOS (Community Enterprise Operating System, a RedHat clone).

Preparing the CentOS system:

In order for the CSP Agent to be installed on any Linux system SELinux needs to be disabled.  Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux) is a Linux feature that provides for a way to support access control security policies in the Linux kernel.  This is a duplicate of what CSP can provide which is why is must be disabled.  Outside of that, there are no additional depenedencies that need to be installed before the CSP agent can be installed.

Disabling SELinux:

In order to fully disable SELinux you will need to reboot your system, along with knowing the root password to edit a configuration file.  Please route through your standard change control process before doing so.

The first step (outside of becoming root) is to edit your /etc/selinux/config file (vi /etc/selinux/config).  Out of the box it will look like:


Find the line that says “SELINUX=enabled” and change it to “SELINUX=disabled” and it will look like:


Once you write the file you will need to reboot your system.

Copying the needed files to the CentOS box:

There are two needed files that need to be copied over to the CentOS box before installation: agent-cert.ssl and the agent installer (in this case agent64-linux-rhel6.bin).

The installer is not executable so you will need to run the command “chmod a+x agent64-linux-rhel6.bin” before executing.

Installing the CSP Agent:

Once the files are copied and ready to be executed as root execute the command pathtobinfile/agent64-linux-rhel6.bin and hit the space bar to scroll through the license agreement.

The kernel version and the suggested driver version may mismatch but it will work without any problems so accept this.

When prompted provide the fully qualified name of the CSP Management Server:


You will then be prompted to provide the path to the agent-cert.ssl file you copied over to the server you are installing the agent on.

Once everything is filled out you will have one last time to confirm everything is all set:


Once you hit enter the CSP agent will be installed and configured and will communicate to your CSP Manag


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