Welcome back Hex!!!

Years ago I posted about missing Hexonyx and how much I missed that mud.  Over the years the post has generated a number of comments and posts.

One of those comments lead me to this Facebook group and the best part is the mud is back.  So fire up ZMUD or whatever client you are were using so many years ago and join back up.

Bad news is the player file is a bit out of date and you probably don’t have that awesome weapon or awesome piece of quest gear you had last, but come back the memory is still there and just like riding a bike you will quickly be running zones and joining with friends.

Also for a great story of how Hex landed someone a job read here


From the creator of MUDs

Found this very intersting.  As mentioned before I’ve spent a large amount of time goofing off on a mud named Hexonyx that I used to play. (Currently the site and the mud are down due to computer problems)

Anyways very intersting interview with the father of MUDs.  I remember when Hex started to loose its player base to Everquest and how we as admins struggled to find a way to set us apart from every other MUDs in order to attract new players.  I remember the days of runs of 10+ people to try and get that 1 piece of gear that would add +1 dam to your rolls.  Oh well, those days are mostly over.