Symantec Connect Post Round up #1

I have been using Evernote for awhile but was recently introduced with the Chrome extension Evernote Clipper and this has changed how I browse the web and more importantly how I browse Symantec Connect.  So I started clipping various blog entries, articles and other information stored on the site to save for later.  In order to help share this information I will be creating a round up of various posts I’ve found interesting or important and post them to both my blog and also Symantec Connect.  Since I’m focusing on Symantec Security this year, these posts will be filed under the security portion of Connect.

So let’s get started on Round Up #1 (maybe 1 day I’ll come up with a better name or title)

  • What’s new in Symantec PGP 10.3: This is a forum post looking for information on Symantec PGP and the new release.  The answer links to the release notes for Symantec Encryption Desktop 10.3.  Some cool new things in PGP 10.3 besides renaming it include support for Symantec File Share Encryption and Dropbox on Apple iOS device along with WinPE 64-bit support.  For more information read the release notes and also test things before upgrading.
  • Is there a way to choose what response the DLP sends based upon the sender’s email address?:  The author of this post is looking to do some routing based on a sender’s email address.  I’m not quite sure what exactly is happening here, but found the question pretty interesting.  One of the limitations of Symatnec DLP is routing based on attributes or other items.  This is something my company is working on with more information to come.
  • Does SCSP support reverse-proxy between agent and management server: This post is looking for a good answer so if you know Symatnec Critical Systems Protection and can give a good answer feel free to take a stab at this one.  The user is looking to see if a reverse proxy would work for communication between the agent and the management server.  If you have answer send me a note and I’ll mark it as answer.
  • The Password Problem: A Call for Stronger Authentication: While this is not a Connect Post it does provide some very interesting information and a great starting part for conversations.  So its all about how passwords suck and must die.  This might lead to a further blog post so this is also a placeholder for more information.
  • PGP Email support for iOS:  In the PGP 10.3 some new things are released, see the release notes linked above. The person is asking what he is missing when it comes to leveraging the Symantec PGP Viewer of iOS.  The answer is the customer must leverage universal server which is now renamed the Symantec Encryption Management Server.
  • Symantec Positioned as a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Endpoint Protection Platforms:  This is pretty exciting as Gartner has named Symantec and SEP 12.1 as a leader in the Magic Quadrant for Endpoint Protection Platforms.  Along with SEP, Symantec CSP is part of this report as well.  CSP employs a combination of HIDS and HIPS to help protect various environments.  Congrats to Symantec on this….
  • A ton of IT Analytics posts have been coming out from David Prager from Bay Dynamics and here are some that are specific to Symantec Security products

This is a starting point for my series on awesome Connect articles.  Hoping more will come