Configure Evolution to to access MS Exchange 2007

I have been trying to use my Netbook running Ubuntu 10.04 Netbook edition more and more. One of the things I wanted to try and figure was if I could configure Evolution to connect to Exchange. I was never able to get Kontact to work successfully, but was interested to find something called evolution-mapi with a description of "Evolution extension for MS Exchange 2007 Servers." So I fired up apt, ran an apt-get install, and started walking thru the wizard the first time Evolution runs.

However I ran into several problems and this blog will help me remember the next time I do this.

1. Create an empty mail account using the mail wizard

2. Naviagate to Edit -> Preferences and start creating a new account

3. Under Accounts select Add

4. Provide the email address you are going to use

5. Under the server type, select Exchange MAPI

6. In the server configuration section, specify the IP Address of the server you are going to connect to. I tried server name several times but couldnt get it to authenticate correctly. Dont know if this is a bug, or just something setup with my Exchange server.

7. Finish the wizard and you will be connecting to your Exchange server

Hope it works for you