What the Kubuntu Netbook Live CD looks like

In a blog post yesterday, I did a brief review of Kubuntu Netbook edition on my Dell Mini 9.

Today we take a look at the default desktop from the Live CD




One of the first we notice is the way the desktop is laid out.  By using plasma-netbook we are longer focused on using the Application Launcher to open programs, we utilize the Search and Locate folder along with Favorites. 

To install Kubuntu Netbook Edition, simply click on Install Kubuntu from the Favorites section and install as the rest of the Ubuntu versions.

More posts to follow describing navigation and using the Search and Locate desktop setting.

Excited for Ubuntu Netbook Remix

There has been quite the discussion on ubuntu-devel-discuss  in regards to the announcement of Ubuntu Remix and its support for various media codecs including a license for Windows Media.  Most of this discussion comes from this point…that Canonical is now supporting and paying Microsoft.  Of course most rants about this always included the M$ which makes the argument sound much more intelligent.

Anyway, I’m glad to see Canonical and Intel working together to deliver yet another avenue for people to use Linux.  I’m especially glad that on these netbooks people will not be limited by the types of videos they can watch.

I wonder if the amount of people who now have the ASUS Eee PC runing Ubuntu is helping out with this?

Part of the goal of this project is “This interface is optimised for a retail sales environment” which means there were be more and more average users running this device who want and need WMV format.  Should we cripple their experience or should we allow them to have the best possible experience?  I vote for the best format.  Including out of the box MP3 support.

Here are the technical specifications of the Ubuntu Netbook.

Technical specifications
Minimum hardware requirements:
  • Processor: Intel Atom processor
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • Storage: 4 GB Flash disk (SSD) or hard disk
Major open source applications included:
  • Web browser – Firefox 3 
  • E-mail client – Thunderbird
  • Instant messenger – Pidgin
  • Media player – Rhythmbox
  • eBook reader – FBReader
  • RSS reader – Lifrea
  • Photo viewer – F-Spot
  • Office suite – OpenOffice.org
Market leading applications included:
  • Adobe Flash
  • Adobe Reader
  • Real Player for MID
  • Java JVM
Licensed audio and video decoders:
  • MPEG4 (H.263)
  • MP3
  • AAC
  • Windows Media 
  • Real Media*

† Choice of one media player
* Only available with Real Player



—– Updated —-

Check out http://thegabfather.wordpress.com/2008/06/05/ubuntu-netbook-remix/ for more information