I’m a little unsual in the fact that I’m a conservative who also works in the tech industry.  Well maybe I’m not really unusal it just seems that way as you spend time searching around the internet and other things.

Anways I have recently switched jobs from being a Windows Network Administrator to working as a full time consultant for a company that specialize in Altiris.  Its a great product, but a ton of information to learn.

During my spare time, when I’m not running, spending time with my wife or hanging out w/ my dog, I work on the documentation for Kubuntu (http://www.kubuntu.org) and have somehow become the lead for the Kubuntu side of things.  The documentation is great but we always need help.  So stop by and help us out…


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  1. Hi Jonathan,
    I see you are both an Altiris and a Kubuntu guy. …Sooo, what do you think about Altiris for Linux? We here at our company has heard that it’s somehow lacking features on the Linux side that are available with Windows. What do you think? Do you recommend Altiris for work on Linux machines?

    I can be reached at mschwage (which is my username) and gmail.com is my domain, for email correspondence. …If a spammer can parse that, then that’s great :-). I’m on all the spammers’ lists anyways… *sigh* Thanks!

  2. Andreas, Hello from a GR ex-pat (C.C. Class of 87′) who now lives and works in Silicon Valley. Would you recommend Altiris for a small 300 person shop? We have basic needs – Helpdesk ticket processing, end-point patch management (Win7 and 2008 server, Mac, RedHat, and the dreaded Ubuntu) and system Imaging. Throwing in mobile device control would be nice but not required. Much thanks for the reply and if Altiris is a fit I’ll see about bringing you in to roll it out. – jeff

  3. Good morning Jeff,

    Would love to have further conversations about what you would be actually using Altiris for send me an email jjesse AT itsdelivers.COM.

    Anyways for a 300 node shop it would be useful and can help you greatly with automation and management of your devices. From a help desk point of view it might be a bit of an overkill.

    Send me an email and we can setup a full call about this

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