Frustrations w/ Altiris SDK support forums

I’ve had several questions and problems w/ the Altiris Software Development Kit and I can’t find any forums that can help me out with the questions.  I don’t want to burn support incidents on something that I’m sure someone in the forums if there are any could help me out with.

Well at least forums that I could access.  On the official forums there is a section called Altiris Developer Program and under that there is a Solution Developer SDK forum and also an Adminstrator SDK forum.  However I don’t have permission to view these forums.  I wonder how someone receives access to this section.  Cause I have some questions and error messages.

Anyone out there know and can help me out?

Updating this as Altirigos has created a new forum for the ASDK/SSDK kit and also heard there that you need to register for the developers forum, see the post from KSweet on Altirigos on that


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